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Latest Free Online Guitar Lessons

The Sultan’s Triads: Guitar Triads for Soloing
Incorporate triads into your guitar solos and learn how Mark Knopfler used these ideas in “The Sultans of Swing”.
Rush "Red Barchetta" Natural Harmonics
Play the intro to “Red Barchetta” from Rush. The melody is played using what are called "natural harmonics".
Tips for Guitar Players With Small Hands
Advice for people with playing guitar with small hands. Especially for women who often struggle with this.
Help With a Basic F Chord on the Guitar
Many beginning guitar players fight with a basic F chord. This guitar lesson will help you tame the beast.
Yes “Long Distance Runaround” Guitar Riff
Learn how to play the into guitar riff from the song “Long Distance Runaround” from band Yes.
Natural Harmonics on the Guitar
Everything you ever wanted to know about natural harmonics on the guitar…but were afraid to ask :)
Mystery Eagles Guitar Chord - D7sus4/G
Learn a very common guitar chord used by The Eagles in their acoustic oriented songs. Often played wrong.
How to Stop Noodling Your Guitar Practice Time Away
Learn how to stop drifting off into “the noodle zone” while you’re practicing guitar with this simple trick.

Guitar Courses

Rhythm Guitar Mastery

How to strum guitar like a pro, master rhythms, and build your vocabulary of essential chords

Guitar Lick Factory

A system for creating rock & blues guitar licks

60s Rock Strumming Songs

Learn how to play 18 classic 60s rock tunes

70s Rock Strumming Songs

Learn how to play 20 classic 70s rock tunes

80s Rock Strumming Songs

Learn how to play 20 classic 80s rock tunes

90s Rock Strumming Songs

Learn how to play 20 classic 90s rock tunes

Modern Country Strumming Songs

Learn how to play 16 modern country songs

More Free Online Guitar Lessons

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